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Poetry, Proverbs & Aphorisms I.

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The Last Song of the Swan, II.

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The Blossom and the Fruit, III.

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The Talking Image of Urur, IV.

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Dreams, Visions & Tales of Wonder, vol. V.

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Ghosts, Vampires, Fairies & Other Stories, vol. VI.

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Blavatsky’s Companion to Pistis Sophia, vol. VII.

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What’s in a Book? vol. VIII.

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What’s in a Magazine IX

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What’s the Buzz X

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Blavatsky on the Gospels, Masonry & Casper Lavater XII.

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Esoteric & Exoteric Christ & Church XIII

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Buddhism, Hinduism & Antiquity XIV.

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Lucifer was a monthly journal published by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831 – 1891), edited by herself and Mabel Collins (1851 – 1927). The first issue was published in September 1887 in London and the last one in March-July 1897. The articles printed in Lucifer focused on a wide range of topics from Theosophy, Science, Religion, Philosophy, Buddhism, the Occult and Esoteric Science, to name a few, and included beautiful poetry, tales and stories, book reviews and much more.

The Lucifer Collection presents a re-print of the complete original Lucifer Journal contents and is divided into two parts: a. The Blavatsky Years, presenting all Lucifer Journal contents, during the years Blavatsky was the Editor; b. The Post-Blavatsky Years offering all contents of the Journal after Blavatsky passed away. The Lucifer Collection contains the full content of the original Lucifer Journal writings, divided into categories to facilitate research and provide people with specific topics of interest or study.

The idea to produce The Lucifer Collection originated to preserve these historic writings and render them accessible for everyone.

The Blavatsky Years will be composed of 12 volumes, outlined here in random order: Editorials; Christianity; Buddhism; Magic & Kabbalah; Dreams & Visions; Ghosts & Vampires; Poetry & Proverbs; Tributes to Blavatsky; Theosophy & The Theosophical Society; Book Reviews; Divination & Astrology; Occultism & Mysticism, Miscellaneous. The Post-Blavatsky years will also be composed of a number of volumes to be announced shortly.

Joma sipe wrote an interesting report about the covers used in Lucifer magazine. Click here to download it

Be humble, if thou would’st attain to wisdom. Be humbler still, when wisdom thou hast mastered.
H. P. Blavatsky